Sun Door Ltd. offers 3D product modelling service of special 3D promotional materials and designs. We provide you with a new and unconventional form of advertising in order to promote your company.

We offer our customers complete assistance, beginning with a technical consultation of the project, followed by production of a small 3D scaled model, production of the form and conluding with the manufacturing of 3D product itself.

The surface finish of 3D products is modified in accordance with your needs and requirements and also with the respect to the weather conditions. We can also provide installation of manufactured 3D objects.

We also offer single-part and short-run manufacturing of 3D promotional materials, different company logos based on customer graphic designs, and promotional 3D objects (having a form of a hand, glass, etc.). For more information on these offerings please see references. We also produce different technical parts, including masts, fans, and covers for different machinery.
Materials used for manufacturing:

The composite materials used have high plasticity, are of high stability and solidity, yet they remain persistant and light. Our materials make it so 3D objects can be manufactured without the need for future finishing.
Imitations of different objects in extra large sizes can be done with altered elasticity of materials used in their manufacturing. Our company uses mostly glass laminate in many widths. Carbon fibres are used for more strained materials.

• spraying, painting
• airbrush
• foil with the combination of varnish

Manufacturing options:
The size of 3D products is practicaly unlimited: our biggest manufactured object to date had measurements of 4 x 12 metres.